Have you ever wondered what all the moving overseas and visa investment fuss is all about?

Many South Africans now find themselves having to explore second country residency or even citizenship opportunities abroad.

Peter recently bought a house on the Spanish coast, Evelyn and John are planning to retire in Malta. Edward started a company in Europe and now the whole family boasts EU ID cards with which they can travel throughout the EU without any visas. Trevor and Annamarie decided to invest in Australia so that their kids can go to university there.

I’m keen on something but not sure if we can leave the country now; yet Edward managed to gain residency and obtain EU ID cards and they are all still here!

All these options for emigration have become so complex and would it meet my budget? So much information online yet it all seems so confusing. How does it work?

Perhaps it’s time to have a chat with the experts.

We, at Axis Worldwide, have more than 15 year’s residency and visa investment experience having assisted hundreds of South African families over the years to fully internationalize themselves.

At the heart of it all, it is our passion, personal involvement, hands-on assistance and ease of process that sets us apart from our competitors.

We, at Axis Worldwide, focus on understanding you as a client and our innovative gateway options are expertly designed so that you can make the right choice for yourself and your family.

Our expert choice of jurisdictions and packages certainly cater to the different needs of the South African market.

Key to our philosophy remains our integrity, soundness of process, delivery-based services and outcomes based on our clients’ needs.


EU Visa & Business Residency

European Visa and business residency programmes offer you the ability to be the holder of an EU ID card with full EU residency rights. You can live, do business and even work in the country and enjoy freedom of travel and access throughout the EU and the Schengen area.


Global Passport

We have carefully assessed the various citizenship-by-investment options globally and selected the best choices of second-country passport options. EU passports offer you citizenship in any EU country while Global Second Country passports provide ease of travel and a wide scope of countries to access or visit.


Turkey Global Connect

We created the Turkey Global Connect programme, especially for global citizens. This programme connects you worldwide to Turkey, Europe and the USA. It offers you and your family second country passports in Turkey, EU residency and even access to an E2 Visa to the USA.


Australia Investor Streams

Our guidance will steer you correctly to the correct investment  opportunities, create the opportunity for high yield on investments and implementation an eventual plan for Australian citizenship and naturalization.


Axis Worldwide is considered the leading residency and passport service provider in Southern Africa. We are a competent family team having been fully itinerant globally for more than twenty years. Through much travel, personal property investment and experience of obtaining residency in various jurisdictions ourselves, we pioneered the best choice of global residency and citizenship-by-investment options for all our clients.

Through our interaction and acting on behalf of numerous South Africans and others, our experience has taught us to focus on the expressed needs of individuals and families in business, farming, medical practice as well as those from many other professional vocations.

With this extensive experience and personal involvement in investment, visa and residency services, our dedicated team provides a wealth of collective knowledge and insight.

Through personal interaction with our clients over the last 20 years, we have learnt how to guide individuals and families in their efforts to fully internationalize themselves. Our efforts have been recognized in several countries and enjoyed the accolades and acceptance from high-ranking government office bearers and key industry partners alike.

100%South African Team

Axis Worldwide is a trustable enterprise facilitating unique European and other global services. Our portfolio includes the best of European and global residency and citizenship solutions tailored to meet the individual needs of all our clients. 

100% Success Rate

We are proud of the fact that all our clients over the last 20 years achieved their residence permits, ID cards or passports. Through careful diligence and expert knowledge of the various bureaucratic processes we ensure that all requirements are fulfilled in providing all documents to the various immigration offices.


100% Private & Confidential

Our clients can be assured that their applications are safely managed and in the best hands. We maintain professional assistance to all relevant details. All information provided to us is kept and treated with the strictest measure of privacy and confidentiality.




Our various country programmes are designed to cater for your own requirements, time frames, relocation requirements (if any) and budget. 

Hungary EU Business Residency

Hungary is the perfect gateway to Europe for South African businesspersons and their dependent families requiring a company base in the EU. This business residency programme allows for full integration into Europe whether for travel, stay, business expansion and banking, or just for maintaining EU residency.

An added benefit is that you don’t have to pack up and leave whilst developing a strong and remote second-country residency status in the EU.


Turkey Gateway

Turkey Gateway provides South African investors as well as their dependent family members highly lucrative and fast track options for Turkish passports (for as little as $250 000 for property purchase per family) or alternatively explore our Turkish Residency programme.

Or even the option of Turkey Global Connect, combining Turkish passports, EU business residency providing travel and access throughout Europe as well as the option for B2 Business residency in the USA.

Gateway to Germany

Coming Soon

Gateway to America

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