What is the primary benefit of a second country passport?

Safe Future for Your Family

A second-country passport and citizenship provide a sustainable plan B. Whether in Europe or Turkey or Vanuatu, a second-country passport offers stability, continuity, safety and many other travel and business advantages.


Better Lifestyle

Many South Africans are looking to enhance their lifestyle by living in another country or having a workable Plan B. The lifestyle advantages could include ease of travel, better health care, a safer political and fiscal environment, tax benefits, safety against crime, culture and world-class education.

European Education

If you gain an EU passport or ID Card, your children will have full access to the highly-developed European education system at the same price as other EU learners and students.

Freedom of Travel

One of the primary benefits of a second-country passport is freedom of travel. A new world awaits you to freely travel visa-free to many countries worldwide.

Which is the best citizenship for you?

Citizenship by investment is the easiest, safest and fastest way to acquire a second citizenship and passport. You will be an economic citizen of the country with the same rights as a native citizen. You also get a second passport to travel worldwide and have a dual identity.

A residence or golden visa does not give you citizenship and a passport. You can compare the citizenship programs and find the best option for you and your family.

Economic citizenship (sometimes called Golden Passport) opens up new opportunities. You can move to your new country to secure your wealth or even extend your business and optimize your taxation. Your children may have access to better and higher-level education. Economic citizenship is your insurance. Should your home country undergo any substantial political or financial crisis, you have the option to relocate everything and everybody to a stable and safe country. You also have the best place for retiring.