What is the primary benefit of gaining EU Residency?

Safe Future for Your Family

By always having a sustainable plan B and gaining European residency, it becomes the most satisfying alternative. Europe offers stability and safety, and serves as a hedge against diminishing local currency as well as many other advantages.

European Education

Your children will have access to the highly-developed European education system at a moderate price.

European Lifestyle

Change your lifestyle by living in Europe. Have access to all European opportunities and live in safety and security.

Free Movement in Europe

Enjoy freedom of travel and access throughout the EU and all Schengen member countries.


European residency by investment secures the right to settle down and live and in the case of Business Residency allows employment in an own company with the right to trade throughout the whole European Economic Area.

As a European resident, access is a right throughout the EU and the Schengen Area. Residency in a Schengen member state also provides access to the medical system and children can attend school in the country.

Temporary or permanent residence permit

Remedial short-term ID cards issued are mostly deemed to be temporary permits until long-term ID cards are issued providing permanent residency. Both essentially offer the same rights and benefits that citizens enjoy. Exceptions may be, voting in government elections or holding the country’s national passport.

As its name indicates, the temporary residence permit or ID Card is limited in time (usually 1, 2, or 3  years), while the permanent residence permit is annotated for life. Any residency permit should always be renewed before expiration.

Turkish Residency

The choice of residency in a specific country is always dependent on two primary factors; budget and desire. Many South Africans are now exploring Turkey to obtain an affordable second country right to residency.

Turkey, especially in the coastal areas in the city of Antalya provides a perfect option to residency at an affordable budget.

Many desire to set up home in Turkey for its good weather, safe environment, excellent cuisine and value purchasing a residential property.

The Turkish ID card provides the right to live and access Turkey without the need for visas to enter.

Residence permit or
employment permit?

A residence permit is essentially a permit to be a resident in a country. However, an employment permit provides permission to be employed. Our Business Residency programme in Hungary allows for self-employment and the right to trade throughout the EU and the Schengen Area. If you own your business, you do not need any other work permit as you are not employed by another company.

A residency permit in Malta enables you to work in Malta subject to an application for an Employment permit.

Golden or European Visa ?

European or Golden visas are commonly used names of some European residency programmes. European visa investment programmes, such as Malta which will offer you and your family EU permanent residency. It provides the right to live and also allows travel visa-free throughout the Schengen area and other EU countries. 

Visa programmes are expensive by nature and require high cost investment or rental of residential property. However, a primary benefit of visa investment programmes is that they also allow for extended residency permits granted to elderly parents of applicants.