Obtain Permanent Residency in Malta for life!

The Maltese Islands, located in the heart of the Mediterranean promises colourful culture, wonderful history, personal safety with very welcoming English-speaking people.
Malta is the preferred European country for retirement and relocation which offers permanent residency right from the offset!


from €68 000


€2 000


6 – 9 Months


EU Schengen countries

Main Features of the Malta Permanent Residence Programme

Malta Permanent Residence
Malta Permanent Residency is an excellent Golden Visa option that offers real permanent residency from the offset.

Minimum Budget
Pay a reasonable contribution to the Maltese government, make a Philanthropic Donation of €2 000 and rent an apartment for €10 000 per year if in Gozo.

Whole Family
Your children and even dependent adult children can also be included. Your parents and grandparents and your spouse’s parents are also eligible.

Free travel in Europe
Malta is an EU and Schengen country member, allowing you to travel freely throughout Europe without the need for a Schengen visa.


Programme Contributions

Make a contribution from €68,000

Government contribution of €68,000 if you purchase a property, or a Government contribution of €98,000 if you choose to rent a property.
Pay legal fees (depends on family size).


Donation €2 000

Make a philanthropic contribution of €2 000 to a local registered philanthropic, cultural, sport, scientific, animal welfare, or artistic NGO registered with the Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations, or as otherwise approved by the Malta Permanent Residency Agency.

Buy or Rent property

If in Malta, purchase property at €350 000 or rent at €12 000 annually.
If in the Southern Region of Malta or on the island of Gozo, purchase property at €300 000 or rent at €10 000 annually.


Programme Requirements

Main Applicant
Requires a clean police report
Have at least €500 000 in assets with €150 000 thereof in liquid financial assets

Marriage Certificate or Proof of Cohabitation or Common-law marriage

Minor Children
Dependent children below the age of 18 can be included

Older Children
Only if financially dependent and unmarried

Parents and grandparents of both husband and wife can also be included if financially dependent

Programme Process


Preparation Time
Preparation of supporting documents.


Government Processing Time
Payment of  €10 000 government fee, application is submitted, processing and due diligence.


Compliance Time
On approval, the balance of government contribution is made, donation are made and property purchase or rental is concluded.


Permanent Residence ID card
Visit Malta, make biometrics and receive Permanent residence ID card.

Programme Benefits

  • Live and retire permanently to Malta
  • Visa-Free Travel throughout Europe
  • Right to apply for citizenship through naturalization after 5 years of permanently residing in Malta
  • Include dependent and unmarried older children as well as dependent parents and grandparents
  • Investment in a sound high-quality property market
  • Access to high-quality medical facilities
  • Malta is fully bilingual and English speaking
  • A very safe, secure and warm country to live in