Malta is a small, sunny island country in the heart of the Mediterranean, a full Schengen and EU member state.

The Republic of Malta consists of three inhabited islands, home to approximately 515 000 persons, approximately 80 km south of Sicily, Italy. Most Maltese converse in both their official languages; Maltese and English and therefore has huge appeal to South Africans seeking a country with both a warm, sunny climate and that is English speaking. The Mediterranean climate boasts more than 3 000 hours of sunshine per year with mild winter temperatures.

Malta is rich in history and culture. Over several centuries the islands have been ruled by influences from Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Normans and the Crusaders. Then the French and thereafter the British all left traces of their presence and influence in Malta and its population.

The Maltese themselves are known to be very warm and welcoming. The vast majority of the population are Roman Catholic and this is evidenced in their daily lives and culture.

Malta is a picture-perfect place for South Africans seeking second-country EU residency in an English-speaking jurisdiction, perfect for lifestyle and quality of life as well as living in a safe environment and most ideal for retirement.