New Hungary Investor Permit (HIP) programme

The investor process allows 3 options to obtain EU Residency in Hungary.

Either €250,000 investment in a government-approved investment fund, €500,000 property investment in local real estate or €1,000,000 as a charitable donation.

How we assist you in gaining long-term EU Residency

  • We register a local Hungarian company and appoint you as the company’s director
  • We prepare your required documents and your intention to invest EUR 250,000 in a government-approved investment fund
  • We arrange a visit to the Hungarian embassy for biometric fingerprint measurement and submission of supporting documents
  • The embassy will grant you a 2-year Schengen visa to visit Budapest to sign investment agreements and other statutory documents
  • We assist you in opening of personal & corporate bank accounts.
  • We then assist you in capitalizing your investment funds into your bank account for transfer to a preferred fund.
  • We then prepare application documents for the issue of 10-year Hungary EU ID Cards to you and your family members.
  • Upon expiry, we assist in reapplying for the issue of further 10-year ID Cards

Benefits of our HIP process

  • Fast-track long-term EU residency application upon investment made
  • Investment funds only held for 5 years
  • Good yield prospects with no capital risk
  • No stay periods requirement in Hungary
  • Further EU business & investment opportunities
  • Travel freely throughout the whole of Europe
  • Integration into any other EU member states
  • Opportunity to live, work or study in the EU
  • Easy path to permanent EU residency & citizenship
  • The programme provides for the entire family
  • Children over 18 can also be included if they can prove financial dependency, if for study purposes or if unmarried
  • Parents aged 65 and above can be included without proving any dependency.

What makes the Hungary EU Business Residency Programme the best in Europe?


Initial process are done remotely with only limited travel required once ID card has been processed


Easy requirements


Fast processing


Your spouse and dependent children processed after the residency permit is issued to the primary applicant


Fees of only €36 000 makes this programme the cheapest offering in Europe


Freely travel within the EU and Schengen countries without any visas required


Hungary is an extremely safe country. You and your family can feel totally safe and secure in Hungary


This programme only requires capital investment from EUR 200 000 or more


Hungary’s low tax company business structure is the perfect springboard for access and integration throughout the whole of Europe