The German Business Investor Residency Program allows investors to obtain a residence permit in Germany when investing in an own or majority-owned business.

Germany’s Residency Program for business investors involves multiple government authorities focused on ascertaining the viability of the business-immigrating entrepreneurs’ plan to create. This program, and the German residence permit for self-employed persons obtained through it, offers investors the right to work for an own or co-owned company and the right to reside in Germany – along with the additional advantages one can benefit from with German residency, including the path to permanent residency and German citizenship.

The German Business Investor Residency Program is not an official residency program, as it is known from other European countries. This program uses legal possibilities, which allow entrepreneurs and investors investing in an own company in Germany to receive a German residence and work permit as a self-employed person. This legal situation of the program offers multiple advantages, including enabling us to process applications with a considerably lower investment threshold than in countries with official investor immigration programs. Alternatively, since the program is not standardized, decisions are made on an individual basis and could complicate the process.

The legal basis of an application for German residency as an entrepreneur or investor is governed by the provision of Article 21 of the German Residency Law (Aufenthaltsgesetz), which regulates the conditions for a residence permit for self-employed individuals in Germany.


As Europe’s most populous and industrialized nation, Germany has always had an open door for those seeking a better life and improved opportunities. With unmatched cultural and economic clout, Germany stands head and shoulders above most other countries as a place to live, invest, or start a new life.


The German Business Investor Residency Program allows investors to obtain a residence permit in Germany when investing in an own or majority-owned business.


This German Residency Program offers persons of independent means (sufficient income/funds/assets) the opportunity to obtain a residence permit in Germany.



The Blue Card is a residence and work permit for highly-skilled workers from non-EU member states. It enables qualified third-country citizens to immigrate to Germany legally and permanently.

The path to a permanent residence permit
and citizenship in Germany

Permanent Residence Permit

After three years of business, the applicant can apply for a permanent residence permit. The permanent residence permit will be issued if the company is actively and successfully running and can pay the Client a salary of at least EUR 2,000 – EUR 3,000 monthly.

German Citizenship

After eight years of residency in Germany, applicants may apply for German citizenship.

If an integration course that is approved by the ministry of migration is finished with a certificate, it can be reduced to 7 years.

With a German language certificate of B2 or higher, the time is reduced to 6 years.


Germany Business Investor Residency Program Application Requirements.

Conditions that must be satisfied for the application and thereafter are as follows:

  • Business Investment
    The main applicant must invest in an own or majority-owned business in Germany. This business must be beneficial to the German economy. In a detailed business plan, the business must be described. There is no minimum investment threshold specified in the law. Nevertheless, and depending on the industry and business case we advise to invest at least EUR 200,000 – EUR 500,000. In cases where it is aimed to invest less, the chances of approval are reduced; nevertheless, it depends on the business case and strong cases might be successful even with substantial lower investments. The creation of jobs is an advantage (although there is no requirement to employ a certain number of employees), as well as, investments in research and development, but are not mandatory.

  • Stable & Regular Income
    The company must pay a regular salary which is high enough to cover housing and other costs of living; this shall be at least EUR 2,500 – EUR 3,000 per month.

  • Valid Travel Documents

  • Health and Sickness Insurance Policy
    The insurance policy must cover the main applicant and their dependants in respect of all risks according to German law. The health insurance cover must be procured by a company licensed in Germany.

  • Pension Funds

    Entrepreneurs over the age of 44 have to provide proof of a sufficient pension or other savings to cater for their retirement age.

  • Language skills are not required.

  • Due Diligence
    A due diligence exercise will be undertaken on the main applicant and dependants.


Benefits of a German Residence Permit.


The right to reside in Germany, Europe’s biggest and most prosperous country.


As a holder of a German residence permit you can travel visa-free through the Schengen Zone.


Good public schools, with no tuition fees, will help you to kick-start your children’s education.


Send your children to world-class universities in Germany.